Bookings of the Function Halls are accepted on the understanding that the Hirer, as named on the booking form, accepts these Terms and Conditions.



The person noted on the Booking Form as the Hirer or prospective Hirer



The Queensgate:

The name under which the Function Halls belonging to HOP Trust is hired out



The Management of Queensgate:

Any person or group of people that may be appointed to carry out the day-to-day running or oversight of The Queensgate.



Function Hall (s) & Meeting Room (s)               

Any or all of the halls and meeting rooms belonging to or used by HOP Trust or otherwise are available for hire.



Booking Form:

A form to be made available to prospective Hirer for the booking of a Function Hall or Meeting Room.



Holding Deposit

A fee of 20% payable by a prospective Hirer where a booking is being provisionally requested. The Holding Deposit will form part of the overall hire fee.

All bookings must be made in writing using the Booking Form. Our Booking Form is attached to the back of this Terms and Conditions. The Booking Form will need to be completed and returned to us with a Holding Deposit.



Bookings will only be deemed made when full payment is received by The Queensgate, and the payment is acknowledged and confirmed.



Any proposed variation to bookings following receipt of full payment, must be agreed and confirmed by both parties in writing.



A Holding Deposit of 20% of the hire fee will be required in order to make provisional bookings.



Provisional bookings, (where the booking form and Holding Deposit have been completed) will only be held for a period of 14 days at the end of which full payment will be required. Where full payment is not received at the end of the 14-day period, The Queensgate will be at liberty to release the Function Hall or Meeting Room to another prospective Hirer.



A refundable damages bond of 20% of the hire fee will be required for all bookings. The damages bond will be payable at the same time as the full payment of the hire fee is being made. The damages bond will be refunded in full within 7 days of the end of the event for which it was held subject to the Function Hall / Meeting Room being returned in a clean, undamaged and satisfactory state, in the absolute discretion of the Management of The Queensgate.



No item should be stuck, nailed, screwed, stapled or fixed to any walls within the Function Hall, Meeting Room or building at large. Any fixtures / decoration to the Function Hall or Meeting Room by a Hirer must not cause damage to the walls, doors, furnishings, any item belonging to The Queensgate or any other part of the Function Hall, Meeting Room or building.



Where the Function Hall or Meeting Room is left in a state that is unclean or unsatisfactory, or any item or equipment belonging to The Queensgate is damaged or any other loss occasioned to The Queensgate by reason of the Hirer’s actions or use of the Function Hall, the damages bond will be applied in restoring the Function Hall and/or the Meeting Room, and/or replacing any damaged item or equipment. In such circumstance, the damages bond will be regarded as being forfeited by the Hirer. The provision of this clause will be without prejudice to any other right or option that may be open to the Management of Queensgate in seeking redress.


Please call our dedicated number to discuss prices for various halls and meeting rooms.

Queen Elisabeth Hall 250 persons seated at tables and chairs or 300 persons close seated/dancing; including all performers, front of house staff, technicians, caterers or other attendees.


Prince Philip Hall Estimated 100 – 150 persons seated.
Princess Anne Hall Estimated 80 – 100 persons seated.


Prince Edward Meeting Room Estimated 30 – 50 persons seated.


Prince Charles Interviewing Room Estimated 8 persons seated.


Prince William Meeting Room Estimated 30 persons seated.


Prince George Meeting Room Estimated 20 – 30 persons seated.


Prince Harry Meeting Room Estimated 80 – 100 persons seated.

Private entertainment equipment may be brought into a Function Hall or Meeting Rooms subject to prior discussions and agreement of the Management of The Queensgate. Any electrical equipment must have a valid Portable Appliance Test Certificate.


Under no circumstance should the numbers of attendees or people present in a Function Hall / Meeting Room exceed the maximum capacity allowed for under this Terms and Conditions. This is a strict requirement of hire of which compliance will be a condition. The Management of The Queensgate reserve the right to immediately terminate an event, or require any other adjustment (as may reasonably be possible) to be made to ensure compliance with this clause.



Where termination of an event becomes necessary by reason of the Hirer breaching the provision of this clause. The Management of The Queensgate will not be liable for any loss or damage that the Hirer may suffer as a result of the termination. The Management of The Queensgate further reserves the right to seek any damages from the Hirer for any loss that they may suffer as a result of the Hirer’s breach.



Fire exits and extinguishers are to be kept clear and visible at all times (room plan for the Function Hall to be hired will be provided at the time of confirmation of booking).


7.4 Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Function Hall or on any part of the building.



Sale of Alcohol is not permitted on the premises.



For all function halls hire, we are licensed to allow music to be played however, all music must cease at 23:00. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of your hire agreement.



The Hirer will be the responsible person for all Health and Safety and other matters relating to the hire of the Function Hall and must be present at the event to deal with any issue that may arise. This responsibility may be delegated to another person but the person must be present at the event throughout. The name of the responsible person/person with delegated authority must be notified on the Booking Form, if this is different from the Hirer.



The Hirer is responsible for holding a list of all attendees in case of an emergency evacuation.

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that people attending an event are aware of the fire evacuation procedure, including the location of the fire exits.



The Hirer is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all people attending the event. The Management of The Queensgate reserve the right to terminate an event, without any refund of costs, if the conduct and/or behaviour of any person or attendee is deemed to be riotous or otherwise unacceptable.

The Function Halls & Meeting Rooms will be opened and closed by a member of The Queensgate staff. The Hirer must ensure that guests are aware of the hire period and are aware that they will not be allowed to enter before the start of the hire period and required to vacate the Function Hall and building at the end of the hire period.

The Queensgate accepts no responsibility for the property of persons attending or organising an event. Any property brought on to the Function Hall or building or left unattended is entirely at the owner’s risk.


The Hirer will be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition and any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions returned to their proper place.


The kitchen must be left in a clean and tidy condition with all refuse bagged and binned, and completely cleared of all Hirer’s belongings.



Hirers will be expected to vacate their guests and equipment by the end of the time booked. No additional time will be provided for cleaning or tidying up. The Hirer will be expected to be in a position to hand over the Function Hall in the state required by these Terms and Conditions by the end of the time booked.



The obligations required under this clause… are strict requirement of the hire and the Management of The Queensgate may make reasonable deductions from the Damages Bond to cover the costs of undertaking any work that may be necessary in restoring the Function Hall to its proper order and/or other loss that they may suffer as a result of non or partial compliance.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information provided in these Terms and Conditions. The Queensgate does not accept liability for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to amend any information at any time.